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Gli X-Men sono un gruppo di supereroi mutanti protagonisti di varie serie a fumetti pubblicate dall'editore statunitense Marvel Comics. Sono stati ideati da Stan Lee.

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Astonishing X-Men - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Astonishing X-Men es el nombre de una serie de cómics creados por Marvel y basados en los X-Men. Cuenta con 3 volúmenes, siendo los dos primeros series limitadas y.

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List of X-Men comics - Wikipedia A. A+X 1-18 (2012–2014) Adventures of the X-Men 1-12 (1996–1997), (all-new stories continuing the continuity of the Fox Network's X-Men animated series)

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Astonishing X-Men - Wikipedia Astonishing X-Men is the name of four X-Men comic book series from Marvel Comics, the first two of which were limited series. The ongoing series began in 2004, with.